eggid Egg Stamp 
red, green or black, pre-soaked, for up to 30,000 imprints

stocktitled stamp $49.90**

with individual producer code or text (font: Arial) $69.90**

with individual fonts, logo or artwork $79.90**

eggid Egg Stamp Ink
5 bottles á 1,5ml (approx. 20,000 imprints each) for refill, red, green or black 

**plus shipping costs

Please be aware, that the production of the stamp comes from Europe. Therefore your stamp order will be regularly shipped as soon as shipment from Europe is received which will take between 4 and 6 weeks.



New Standard in Australia & New Zealand

The individual stamping of eggs had been proposed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) and then sanctioned by state, territory and federal ministers in May and made law on May 26 2011.

Why stamping eggs?

The new standard was developed in response to the large number of foodborne illness outbreaks suspected of being linked to eggs or egg products, particularly cracked and dirty eggs which have been a key cause of contamination.

The standard requires that by November 2012 all Australian eggs will need to be individually stamped, with information concerning the place of origin. The standard requires all eggs including duck and quail to have their shells stamped with a unique identifier, enhancing traceability back to the farm in the event of a food-related illness.