• up to 7,000 eggs per hour
  • integrated ink pad
  • approx. 20,000 imprints per ink filling
  • easily refillable
  • certified ink in green, red and black colour
  • perfect imprint without touching the egg
  • up to 300,000 imprints per stamp
  • no maintenance costs
  • clean, simple and save
  • a lot cheaper than inkjet


eggid Egg Stamp 
red, green or black, pre-soaked, for up to 30,000 imprints

stocktitled stamp $49.90**

with individual producer code or text (font: Arial) $69.90**

with individual fonts, logo or artwork $79.90**

eggid Egg Stamp Ink
5 bottles á 1,5ml (approx. 20,000 imprints each) for refill, red, green or black 

**plus shipping costs

Please be aware, that the production of the stamp comes from Europe. Therefore your stamp order will be regularly shipped as soon as shipment from Europe is received which will take between 4 and 6 weeks.



The Stamp for Eggs

Stamping eggs manually – simple, fast and safe

The eggid egg stamps by modico® are a real alternative to the automated marking of eggs with inkjet printers or stamp machines. With a rate of up to 7,000 eggs per stamp and person you can also stamp larger amounts of eggs without difficulty.

Unlike inkjet printers or stamp machines, the eggid egg stamps  do not need any maintenance. The long-life cycle of the stamp with up to 300,000 imprints makes the marking of eggs unbeatably cheap.

Also in the case of emergency, if your stamp machine or inkjet printer has failed  and you are waiting for the service, effectively stamp the daily production of eggs with the  eggid egg stamp.

Safe Stamping

With a flexible text plate.

The eggid egg stamp has a flexible text plate, which adapts to any kind of surface without any problem. There is no need to touch the egg or take it out of its package, therefore a transfer of germs is reduced and the damaging of eggs is avoided. A little touch of the egg with the stamp is all it takes– completely without any careful rolling off and tedious positioning. 
No more broken eggs during marking.

Fast Stamping

With an integrated ink cartridge

The stamping ink of eggid egg stamps is already integrated. Therefore there is no need for a separate ink pad. This saves money as well as time. Simply press the stamp on one egg after the other and stamp more than 7,000 eggs per hour in that way. 

The initial filling of the stamp lasts for approx. 30,000 imprints. After that you can easily and quickly refill the stamp and make another 20,000 stamp imprints per refill.

Clean Stamping

With a perfect quality of imprint

The eggid egg stamp ink is wiping-proof in a short while and of course food safe. The text plate has a very high solution – therefore the imprints are razor sharp. Because of the integrated ink no ink pad is needed. Nore more ink smudged hands.